Who are we?

Pen Works Media is a publishing company with a focus on works that display quality and originality. We have the attitude of an enterprise company and feel a responsibility to educate new writers whilst simultaneously creating works of relevance across the literary, film and television industries.

Mission statement

To seek, educate and nurture talent in both literature and screenwriting, creating and publishing original works that will challenge and alter people’s perceptions of the world.

The future of publishing

It’s all change. Gone are the days that you can assume a self-published book will be an absolutely awful read.

Don’t misunderstand us. Any marketplace where almost anybody can create products can become inundated quickly, and within that pile of infinite pages there are definitely a large percentage that should never see the light of day.

After almost a decade the power shift between traditional printed books and digital formats has swung rather dramatically in one direction. The knock-on effect was that publishers refused to take risks on new writers because they were too concerned with losing sales to an area that they did not embrace, and so those writers who refused to be beaten learnt how to do it themselves. Subsequently, hard-working and marketing savvy writers began to sell books in their droves, having completely bypassed the middle-man.

Improved author-reader relationships via social media channels helped writers broker deals that no publisher in the world could match, and so it has become that the writers who can self-publish are suddenly empowered to create whatever they want without heavy editing and censorship.

While we choose to see the positives in this evolution, we also feel a sense of duty to ensure that all cutting-edge stories find their audience in the best shape possible, and so Pen Works Media was born – a courageous, off-beat indie publisher with a passion for bringing original stories to audiences across the globe.