Who are we?

We are a Social Enterprise company who aim to educate new writers about the industry.

When we say “the industry” we mean the world that surrounds those people who wish to make a living as a creative writer.

Are you persistently writing screenplays but have yet to land a single sale or option deal? Do you truly believe you have a great book inside you but have no idea where to begin? Do you understand why a writer should opt for writing a stage play instead of a script or a novel?

If you are passionate about creating original works that can enter the marketplace then you need to bookmark us and stay updated on the competitions, workshops and residencies that we offer in the near and distant future.

How do we know so much about this stuff? Because we’re writers ourselves. Good ones who choose to see the positives in our forever evolving work environment. That’s why Pen Works Media was born – a courageous, off-beat, indie enterprise with a passion for bringing original, cutting-edge stories to their intended audiences across the globe.